Commercial & Residential Services


Why hire a professional?

Many people try to save money and do the work themselves. Although some have succeeded, many others have spent more money on repairs due to damage of home and property. This work can also be extremely dangerous for those who are not professionally trained.


Choosing the right company is crucial to tree health and home safety. Black's Tree Service is fully insured, licensed, and with over 30 years experience, we can guarantee you the best services in the Mid Ohio Valley. 

Free On-Site Estimates

As living things, no two trees are alike. Similarly, neither are the jobs. Unfortunately, there is not a "ballpark" cost to tree services, tree size, equipment access, condition and location all play a role when determing the cost. So we offer free on-site estimates. Our professional estimators are trained on evaluating the health and condition of the tree, providing solutions with your free estimate.

Tree Pruning &
Height Reduction

Pruning a tree is removing specific branches or stems to benefit the health of a tree; this may include tree crowning, to reduce the height of a tree or shaping, to control or direct growth. Our professional estimators can help make the best decisions on how to achive your goals while maintaining the trees health.

Tree Removal &
Stump Removal

There is much more then running a saw through a tree and yelling "timber." Even in small spaces, with the right equipment and trained professionals, there are several ways to remove a tree without the risk of damage. Leaving a stump in your yard takes up usable space and creates an eyesore that can easily detract from the beauty of your property. Our professional estimators can help decide the best decision for you and your trees.

Insect & Disease Control

There are multiple types of insects that can cause damage to a tree. However, not all insects are detrimental to a tree's health. It is important that professionals are trained to identify harmful species and create a plan to remove unwanted species while also providing a refuge for beneficial ones. Without proper control, insects can overtake the health of a tree and cause irreparable damage that could cause a tree to need to be removed altogether. Our professional estimators can detect signs of insects and diseases and treat them accordingly.